Ask Dr. Al-kholani

The Dental Centre was established in response to both a desire to provide an expanded range of services and to fulfill a growing community need and demand for basic dental care. We provide care to both the indigenous and expatriate populace. We render the entire spectrum of general dental services and special dental care. Behind every good dental appointment is a caring and dedicated dental staff. We care about more than your teeth and gums. We care about your general good health, your comfort, and your peace of mind. In our Dental Centre you’re not just a chart, nor just another patient. We combine dental education, individual attention and gentle, caring treatment with the latest technology.

Through Modern Preventive Dentistry we can help you retain all or most of your teeth for a lifetime. We take pride in our thoroughness and are committed to excellence. We consider our services to be discrete, personal and above all caring and we strive for the ideal in dental health because we know it is attainable and can be a reality for you.